The Dynamic Island feature

With the iPhone 14 series introduced at the Far Out event on September 7, Apple is on the agenda of the smartphone world. The company has introduced many new features with its models. The most striking of these was Dynamic Island on the Pro models of the iPhone 14.

Notch design, which has been criticized for years, gets acclaim with Dynamic Island
Dynamic Island, which entered our lives with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max smartphones, is a customized design to be able to display notifications from applications or the phone, to briefly explain. This design seems to have broken a stereotyped thought over the years.

Smartphone manufacturers have done a lot of work to improve the notch design used for the front cameras. So much so that, according to most smartphone users, this design, which disrupts the screen integrity, has been seen as a flaw of smartphones for years.

However, in about 3 weeks, this situation seems to have reversed. Apple has been criticized for years for the notch design that emerged due to the selfie camera. However, with a big commercial move, the company presented this feature, which could be called a flaw for many, as a new feature and turned it into an opportunity.

The Dynamic Island feature, which was first only available on the Pro models of the iPhone 14, seems to have been adopted by Android users in a short time. So much so that the application developer named Jawomo has developed an application to use the mentioned feature on Android devices. The feature will also be adopted by Android companies, as a Xioami theme developer recently announced that they have developed a theme that includes this feature.

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