The mass production of the domestic electric car Togg is 1 month away and it is 6 months away from the sale. However, questions about its price began to increase. So how much money will Togg be? Tuncay Özilhan, one of the owners of the company, clarified the issue.

How much money will Togg be?
Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group, also known as Togg, has 5 founding partners. These are Anadolu Group (23 percent), BMC (23 percent), Turkcell (23 percent), Zorlu Holding (23 percent) and TOBB (8 percent).

The Anadolu Group, which owns 23 percent of Togg, is held by Yazıcılar Holding with 68 percent and the Özilhan Group by 32 percent. Therefore, Tuncay Özilhan, who answered the question of how much money will be Togg today, is actually one of the owners of the company.

Another reason why Tuncay Özilhan’s statement created a bombshell effect on the agenda is that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that the tax regulation made in the past period was for Togg. The resulting amount is quite close.

Accordingly, the new tax rate is 10 percent for electric cars whose engine power does not exceed 160 kW and whose Special Consumption Tax base does not exceed 700 thousand TL, and 40 percent for others. In addition, it has been decided to apply an SCT of 50 percent if the Special Consumption Tax base does not exceed 750 thousand TL, and 60 percent if it exceeds this amount, for vehicles whose engine power exceeds 160 kW, that is, targets a little more performance and luxury class.

The first SUV model that Togg will offer for sale will have 2 different engine options, 150 kW and 300 kW, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. In this case, Togg’s 150 kW model will have a price of less than 700 thousand TL without SCT.

At this price, first 10 percent SCT, then 18 percent VAT will be applied. Therefore, the maximum price will be 908 thousand TL. When we look at the other four-wheel drive version, 50 percent SCT will be applied if it is below 750 thousand TL and 60 percent if it is above.

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Functions of Dynamic Island feature

Functions of Dynamic Island feature
Directions and directions can be viewed without the need to open the Maps app.
You can see the Apple Pay payment confirmation screen square with this feature.
You can see the remaining time of the song you are listening to, as well as skip forward or backward between songs.
The AirDrop interface is shown when transferring files.
Dynamic Island,Timer may appear.
Your sports activities can be seen.
While you are on a call with your iPhone 14 Pro, you can view the total call duration.
You can check your audio device or find a different audio device to connect.
Privacy signs are alerted when your microphone or camera is used.
You can see the connection status and battery life of your AirPods.
You can view iPhone charge and battery life.
Notification is sent with this feature to send low battery alerts.
Turning on & off the silent mode of iPhone 14 Pro can be done through this window.
You can view information such as vehicle arrival and estimated time of arrival in the Lyft travel app.

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The Dynamic Island feature

With the iPhone 14 series introduced at the Far Out event on September 7, Apple is on the agenda of the smartphone world. The company has introduced many new features with its models. The most striking of these was Dynamic Island on the Pro models of the iPhone 14.

Notch design, which has been criticized for years, gets acclaim with Dynamic Island
Dynamic Island, which entered our lives with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max smartphones, is a customized design to be able to display notifications from applications or the phone, to briefly explain. This design seems to have broken a stereotyped thought over the years.

Smartphone manufacturers have done a lot of work to improve the notch design used for the front cameras. So much so that, according to most smartphone users, this design, which disrupts the screen integrity, has been seen as a flaw of smartphones for years.

However, in about 3 weeks, this situation seems to have reversed. Apple has been criticized for years for the notch design that emerged due to the selfie camera. However, with a big commercial move, the company presented this feature, which could be called a flaw for many, as a new feature and turned it into an opportunity.

The Dynamic Island feature, which was first only available on the Pro models of the iPhone 14, seems to have been adopted by Android users in a short time. So much so that the application developer named Jawomo has developed an application to use the mentioned feature on Android devices. The feature will also be adopted by Android companies, as a Xioami theme developer recently announced that they have developed a theme that includes this feature.

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Huawei Nova Y90

Huawei launched the Y90 model, which it introduced last month, in our country. In addition to its stylish design, the phone in the middle-upper segment has sufficient equipment for the needs of the users. We are with you with Huawei Nova Y90 review video.

Huawei Nova Y90 review!
With a 6.7-inch screen, the Nova Y90 adopts Huawei’s Space Ring design. Produced with a 6 nm fabrication process and running at 2.4 GHz, the phone with an octa-core Snapdragon 680 processor has a 5000 mAh battery and 40W fast charging support.

On the back of the phone, which has 128 GB of storage, there is a 50 Megapixel wide-angle main camera. This camera is accompanied by a 2 Megapixel f / 2.4 macro and 2 Megapixel f / 2.4 depth detection sensor.

The front camera of the phone, which has innovative features such as Super Night Mode, Front / Rear Dual View Video and AI Snapshot, has a resolution of 8 Megapixels. With dimensions of 163.3 x 74.7 x 8.4 mm and a weight of 195 grams, the phone comes out of the box with the EMUI 12 operating system.

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Vivo Y52t

Budget-friendly smart phones Vivo, which is facing us, has added a new model with the Y series. Vivo, Y52t model users beğenisine sundu. Vivo Y52t features ve fiyatı…

The new model is powered by Dimensity 700 processors produced by MediaTek. The processor produced with 7nm technology has 2 2.27GHz ARM Cortex-A76 and 6 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A55 cores. Graphics arabiriminde ise 950MHz you can get a running Mali-G57 MC2’ye yer yervyar

Vivo Y52t features
6.51 inç HD Plus ekran The introduced device has an LCD panel. The Vivo Y52t model comes with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB/256 GB storage options. The storage space can be increased up to 1 TB using a microSD card.

The Vivo Y52t model has a 5,000 mAh battery with 10W charging support. Cihaz, kutudan Android 12 based OriginOS Ocean Ile will be released. However, the device has a 3.5mm headphone jack, a fingerprint reader and 5G technology.
The 3-color option for the device introduced will be available on Vivo’s official website, Sitesi sezada, from September 19. 8GB/128GB version 1.399 yuan (yaklaşık 200 dolar) ve 8GB/256GB model 1.599 yuan (yaklaşık 230 dolar) olarak fiyatlandırıldı.

Half-Life, one of the best action series in the world of Oyu, Yeni bir haisan yazmegi VR modu aldi. Half-Life 2 is fully playable as a VR game by the developer’s team, the mod is available on Steam.

Free Half-Life 2: VR Mod nasıl oynanır?
Released in 2020, Half-Life: Alyx is actually a game developed by Valve for VR platforms. Source VR Mod Team isimli bir ekip iste popular Half-Life oyunu VRa bringerm iste. 2004’te çıkmış olan Half-Life 2, thanks to the VR mod, you can now run a test.

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tab S6

Google‘ın mayıs ayında tanıttığı Android 13 için geri sayım başladı. Halihazırda beta sürecinde bulunan yeni sürüm, çok yakında genel kullanıma hitap etmeye başlayacak. Akıllı telefon üreticileri de yeni yapı çıkış yapana dek mevcut sürümleri uyumlu cihazlarına göndermeye devam ediyor. Son olarak Samsung, Android 12L tabanlı One UI 4.1.1 ile çıkan ilk cihazı Z Fold 4’ün ardından yeni sürümü daha fazla cihaza göndermek için kolları sıvadı.

Galaxy Tab S6 Android 12 tabanlı One UI 4.1.1 aldı
Bilindiği üzere Android 12 tabanlı One UI 4.1.1 güncellemesi Galaxy Tab S7 modelleri için yayınlandı. Tabii doğal olarak tüm gözler bu gelişmeden sonra Galaxy Tab S6 modellerine çevrildi. Kısa süre önce konuyla ilgili beklenen gelişme yaşandı ve Samsung, söz konusu modeller için One UI 4.1.1 sürümünü yayınladı.

Güncelleme, Galaxy Tab S6 için T86xXXU4DVH2 ve Lite modeli için ise P615XXU4EVI1 yapı numarasıyla geliyor ve Ağustos 2022 güvenlik yamasını beraberinde getiriyor. Ancak ilginç bir şekilde standart modelin aksine Lite Eylül 2022 güvenlik güncellemesini alıyor.

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Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Introducing the model they have just called the new Redmi Note 11SE, Xiaomi announced the release date of the Redmi 11 Prime 5G model with its sharing today. The company, which made users curious with its leaks, doubled the excitement with the date it announced.

Redmi 11 Prime 5G is with us on September 6th!
Redmi 11 Prime 5G, which attracts the curiosity of users with its emerging technical features, will be offered to users on September 6, according to the company’s official page. Many features of the model, which will bring 5G technology to users at an affordable price, have already emerged.

It will have a 50 Megapixel main camera!
According to the leaks, the phone, which will appear with a 50 Megapixel main camera, will be introduced with a dual camera. The new model with a capacity of 5000 mAh in the battery area will be powered by the Dimensity 700 processor.

The new budget-friendly smartphone, which will be announced in two different color options, green and gray, will have dual SIM card support. The new model will be introduced with Android 12. At the same time, there will be 3.5 mm headphone jack and fingerprint options embedded in the screen.

Trying to circumvent US economic sanctions, the Iranian administration announced that it will accept cryptocurrencies for imports. With Iran’s new crypto law, the way for cryptocurrencies has been opened. Thus, companies in the Iranian finance and banking sector will also be able to use cryptocurrencies officially.

Iran paves the way for cryptocurrencies with new law
In the latest statement made by Industry, Mining and Trade Minister Reza Fatemi Amin, the message was given that Iran will officially adopt cryptocurrencies. Stating that they will prefer cryptocurrencies in imports with the new law, the Minister stated that the dollar and euro will be kept “in the background”.

It is currently unclear in which sectors the country will use cryptocurrencies. According to Minister Reza Fatemi, however, all issues related to crypto assets, including fuel and energy, are designed. The status of economic partnerships with Turkey is still unknown.

Cryptocurrencies are difficult to track as they are not transferred through traditional channels like banks. This seems to make Iran’s job easier when importing, because it will not be stuck with US restrictions.

Although the government has brought security to cryptocurrencies with the new law, this does not represent a first for the country. Earlier this month, $10 million worth of imports were made using cryptocurrency as part of the test program. Iran Trade Development Organization leader Alireza Peymanpak stated that they want to implement the law immediately. “We will use the use of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts in foreign trade with target countries,” Peymanpak said.

For Android 13, which started to be distributed with the Google Pixel series, Samsung has rolled up its sleeves. The company, which provides update support for the series it has just released a few weeks apart, has shared the latest version of the Galaxy S21 family to its users today.

Galaxy S21 series has been included in the Android 13 Beta program!
Samsung, which gave the Android 13 Beta update to the Galaxy S22 series with its statement a few weeks ago, has included the Galaxy S21 series in the beta program in some designated countries, such as South Korea, as of today. Users in our country will need a few days to get the new update.

What will the new update offer?
The Android 13 beta update includes improvements in many applications such as the camera, as well as correcting system errors in the Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra and S21 Plus models. Here are some new features to come:

Ability to put personal images in the background that appears in searches
One-finger zoom
Using the telephoto camera in food mode
New AR emojis
Privacy and security improvements
Performance improvements
Sound and vibration improvements
Color palette improvements
Fix bugs in search bar in Files app
New kaomoji options
In addition, users who have a model from the S21 family and want to install the update on their device will need to have 1.92GB of storage space free on their phones.

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